This post can provide you a little knowledge on working,pin configuration of IC-CD 4017. Before reading this post,keep in mind that THIS IS JUST A BASIC.


pin configuration


This is a kind of IC that receive input in the form of digital signals. Here it is a clock signal.A clock signal is a kind of signal that is produced from a clock generator.It can attain 2 values-either 1( active high state) or 0(active low state).In this IC,the input is fed through pin number 14. Then the process inside the IC  will start. This IC contain a DECADE COUNTER,  5 stage JOHNSON COUNTER AND AN OUTPUT DECODER.


This is a type of signal that oscillates between high and low state.Most of the clock signals are in the form of 50% duty cycle.

There are different types of clock signals. Some of them are

Single Phase Clock – Transmits all clock signals on 1 wire.

Two-phase clock – Clock signals distributed on 2 wires each with non-overlapping pulses

Four-Phase clock – Here,Signals are distributed on 4 wires.


Duty cycle of a machine or a system is the time that a machine will be under its active state as a fraction of total time under construction.


This is a binary counter that counts in decimal digits.It counts through 10 states per stage.


Here the output from the last stage is inverted and fed back as input to the initial stage .This happens 5 times.


A Basic decoder is a thing that retrieves the original form of the signal from all its all other forms. Here The output from the Johnson counter is decoded here. The original information is retrieved and it is given as the output signal from the IC.The counterpart of a decoder is an ENCODER. An Encoder is a circuit or device that converts information from one format to another for the purpose of speed and accuracy.

some examples of an Encoders

  • Compressor
  • Audio encoder
  • Video encoder

To know  more about the different kind of  counters,just click this link


In IC-CD4017 , The clock signal is provided to it through pin number 14.   The pin numbers from 1 to 7  and from 9 to 11 are used to give output which is decoded. The power supply is given to the pin number 16.

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